Andrew Janke

Andrew Janke

Short version:

I am a nerd who likes stuff.

Longer version:

I am now working in the Department of Medicine at ANU working on a project called (amusingly) ANDI – the Australian Normative and Dementia Imaging Collaborative Network as part of work within the DCRC’s One day we save the world from dementia, but not just yet.

Before that I worked at the BIC on a number of research projects under the supervision of Drs Alan Evans, Louis Collins and Bruce Pike between 2005 and 2007. One of my major projects is the continuing development of the MINC image processing toolbox. I was responsible for the continued development of the research computing infrastructure hardware within the BIC.


I’ve been described in the past as the resident alien from Australia at the BIC. My research interests are (at times to my detriment) varied but things that interest me are non-linear registration, Non-imaging approaches to distortion correction, GNU/Linux clustering, Video card based VPU processing and automated performance metrics for Medical imaging research.

My undergraduate degree(s) involved a combination of anatomy and computer science, from there I completed a PhD in what is now called Biomedical Engineering on the automated analysis of longitudinal Alzheimers dementia data. I completed my honours and PhD at the Centre for Magnetic Resonance at the University Of Queensland in Brisbane Australia.


Journal Articles
MRM 2001    [pdf] 4D Deformation Modelling of Cortical Disease Progression in Alzheimers Disease

Conference Proceedings
ISMRM 2000  [pdf] Characterising Cortical change in Alzheimers Disease
ISMRM 2000  [pdf] Diffusion and Perfusion based predictive model to Estimate Stroke Evolution
ISMRM 2001  [pdf] 4D Deformation Modelling of Cortical Disease Progression in Alzheimers Dementia
ISMRM 2001  [pdf] Average Models of Diffusion Maps in Normal Elderly Subjects and Patients with Alzheimers Disease
ISMRM 2001  [pdf] A Strategy towards the Automated Estimation of Stroke Evolution Utilising a Diffusion and Perfusion MRI based Predictive Model
VISIM 2001  [pdf] Mutual Information vs Negative Cross Correlation Registration: Applied to T1 and T2 3D MRI AD and Normal Volumes

Hons Thesis [pdf] Honours Year Thesis
Ph.D Thesis [pdf] Ph.D Thesis